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      • The Best Roof Maintenance Tips

        Calgary, Alberta has a particularly cold weather all year long. Although there are not a lot of roofing problems during summer or spring, winter could cause some huge damages. Roof maintenance is your surefire way to take care of your roof throughout the year to avoid any expensive renovations.

        Here are some of regular roof maintenance and repairs you can do to avoid pricey restorations:

        • Inspection

        Check your roof frequently. Roof maintenance in Calgary must always be done especially after the winter, inspect if your roof suffered damage due to ice or snow build up. During fall, regularly check for leaves that may clog the gutters. If there are heavy rainfalls or wind, look at your roof and gutters for possible dents. Deal with the following issues accordingly and swiftly before the problems cause further damages or ask A. Clark Roofing & Siding - Calgary for some professional help.

        • Gutter Cleaning

        Clean the gutters often especially if you know that debris might often accumulate and clog up the water spouts. During regular days, it could be enough to clean every two months. However, during rainy season or the fall, cleaning once a week is most ideal. Also, check that the gutters are safely secured and not flimsily hanging for dear life.

        • Flashing Problems

        Flashing are usually found around chimneys, exhaust pipes and vents. These are mainly targets of leaking since they protect holes on the roof. Dried out and loose sealants pose a problem and means you should make the necessary repairs right away. Bent and punctured flashing could also cause leaks during winter and rainfalls so fix accordingly.

        • Tree Limbs

        If your home has some nearby trees and their large limbs are hanging loosely towards the roof, they could pose a huge threat when they fall off. If you have tile roofing this might severely spoil the roof. Remove these limbs as soon as possible.

        • Damage Caused by Animals

        If there are small furry or feathery animals landing on your roof, you may want to start inspection. Previous small damages to your roof may get bigger overtime if the little critters start living there. When this happens, you would have to pay for a more expensive repair.

        • Termites

        If your area is prone to termite infestation, checking on pieces of wood, which construct the base of your roofing system should be inspected as well. Have a termite exterminator deal with the infestation as soon as possible. If you leave the problem unsolved, your roof may come crumbling down. To know if you have termite problems, the wood would either have some soft rotten corners, sawdust formation just below the wood or fecal matter accumulation can be seen.

        • Pieces of Shingles

        Every once in a while, try walking around the house. Do this especially after a strong wind or rain to look for pieces of shingles that may have been strewn around the lawn. If you find any, this would mean that your home already has dry and brittle roof tiles. It might be time to replace some.

        Roof maintenance may require a lot of work. It may be a whole lot more challenging if you are in Calgary. However, for a safer roofing system such work should never be taken for granted.

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